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"This is atmospheric in the mode of Fiona Apple which given its name may have been the intention – definitely a nice Kate Bush ring to it too. Given these influences it has obvious appeal for those into classic quirky pop. The song builds to an inevitable crescendo which showcases a strong chorus that could have the marketing men knocking at Cathryn’s door. This is a neat introduction to Cathryn’s work that reveals bags of potential."
Kevin Hugger

"There is always something refreshing about hearing somebody from my home country moving overseas and making a name for themselves - especially in the UK circuits where it is rather difficult to break through into that scene. Really feeling a Regina Spektor to your voice coupled with that faint South African accent that gives it a very moody feel. This coupled with the fast-paced and upbeat instrumentals makes for an incredibly powerful performance."
Craig Roxburgh

"Thank you for sending me your song. First of all, I love your voice ! Your song is great too. I have nothing to say except that I have enjoyed listening to it and that I gonna check out some of your other songs. You're on my top 3 of the songs I have appreciated the most among all the songs people sent me through Fluence."
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"On 'Can You Understand?', from her first commercially-released CD, Dublin-based Cathryn Green comes over like an assured cross between Lisa Hannigan and Sinead O'Connor.  It's strongly melodic with literate lyrics.  The stirring arrangement incorporates deft strings and a riveting vocal from Green....The piano-driven 'Dreams We Chose To Hide' is a tasty mid-tempo workout that shifts into a staccato interlude and it has trademark Enyaesque plinky bits too.  'I Wonder' also opens with piano, but it benefits from a less-produced, more natural approach that allows the natural charm of Green's voice to seep through.  This is so good we could soon be claiming her as one of our own."
    Jackie Hayden 
Contributing Editor
Nov 03 2010